Pilates one to one sessions at Uddingston Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic.

Uddingston Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is a fantastic team available to treat you in physiotherapy, sports massage, personal training, and now Pilates! A fantastic location on Main Street 5 minute from the train station. Inside you will find a very welcoming professional team and location with therapy rooms and a fully equipped gym downstairs.

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to develop your strength, flexibility and mobility. Improving posture, reduce risk of injury, and optimise sports performance. As a result you gain a happier healthier stronger toned mobile body.

Pilates feels good. You don't sweat much as its not cardio, and nothing is painful. You will feel taller, lean, well balanced, flexible and toned with strong abdominals and lower back. Able to take on your world whether it is optimising your sports performance, or getting up and down the stairs each day. My Gran does it, athletes at the top of their game do it. Pilates is for every body.

I started Pilates years ago when I was happily introduced to the benefits of this form of exercise and lifestyle for helping increase sports performance, reducing the chance of injury during training as well as everyday life. Having had a few injuries over the years resulting in lower back pain, and developing bad posture to compensate in recovery. Followed by generally wanting to be fit and health at all times. Doing Pilates properly has helped me get my body back and be more aware of my actions and movement. I do recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to improve and get the most out of their body and lifestyle.

Training paid off in 2013 and I am a qualified instructor certified with Level 3 Matwork Pilates CYQ CYMCA and certified as a Balanced Body Matwork Pilates. (www.pilates.com) Registered with REPs and insured as an instructor with Fitpro. The future is more training in exercise referral, sports enhancement, postural correction, post natal and pain reduction and helping people improve and develop.

I look forward to training with you soon,

Jenn Forbes
Forbes Pilates.

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