Private Pilates

Details and Book Private Pilates sessions in & around Glasgow

Private Pilates tuition available at:

  • Glasgow West End, Bespoke Pilates Studio, 37 Otago Street, Kelvinbridge, G12 8JJ

  • Uddingston Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic, 145 Main Street, G71 7EN

  • Alternatively, at your own home or work location

Wherever you are comfortable, and can allow yourself one hour uninterrupted to focus on yourself and your private Pilates tuition to get the most from your bespoke Pilates sessions.

For at home Pilates, please email to discuss location, times and associated cost. The prices on this website are for studio costs only. Otago Street Glasgow Westend or Uddingston Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic.

Say hello and let me know your preference for locations. I am happy to travel to  you at areas within Glasgow City Centre, Westend, and Uddingston.

Your first 1:1 will involve:

  • Discussion on your ParQ health questionnaire (click for link) to make sure you are fit for exercise, where you are currently, and where you would like to be. 
  • Discuss your current fitness levels and health,  as well as any restrictions or preferences
  • Establish your specific goals and what you would like to achieve with Pilates and in general
  • You will then have a Pilates lesson with exercises chosen for your body, fitness and goals
  • You will receive tips and home advice to work to when exercising yourself that are appropriate for your goals, body, and lifestyle
  • I can write you home work Pilates sessions to help you keep at it and increase your challenged as you increase in strength, balance, flexibility, and the aims you set out whether it is to reduce back pain, improve posture, counterbalance hours on end sitting at a desk, or enhance your sports performance!
  • Once we know what your aims are, we can work over the weeks to achieve your aims with a programme tailored to achieve this. 
  • With the block (not a one off session) you will have a personalised development plan designed to achieve your goals growing over the weeks.
  • If you would like quick and easy programmes to practise on at home ( or anywhere) we will work on suitable and balanced programmes to take you through the week to your next Private Pilates session.
Fill in the contact form to the right to ask any questions and/or book your Private Pilates sessions.


1:2 Private Pilates option

If you prefer to exercise in company with a friend or family member, or you are seeking the specific and tailored in depth of private tuition, at an easier price, you have the option to have a one to two session where I am happy to train you in pairs to get the most out of your time. 

This is recommended if you both have similar goals, or are working together towards a common achievement. Also great for siblings, or parent & child, as often body times are similar and so Pilates plans though not identical, would have a lot in common, you can see results in others. Lifestyles, health and posture can be very similar in closely knit groups. As a result, you would both benefit from the Pilates session, and cost is £60 for the hour. Reduced pricing for block purchases or 5 / 10 hours.

If you prefer or would like to start a small group of 3 or 4 people, contact me on form to right to start the ball rolling!


Payment can be made in cash or cheque at start of session. Alternatively by bank transfer or Paypal in advance of your first private Pilates tuition.

Send me a message via contact form to the left and we can arrange a time to discuss your specific private Pilates and work out the details.

Speak soon,