Private Pilates Tuition

To start your Private Pilates session, fill in contact form and let me know a good time to discuss your needs, preferred location and time.

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Your Choice

Your Private Matwork Pilates lessons will be at a time to suit your lifestyle, and location can be at the Pilates studio, your home, or the park! Wherever you are comfortable, and can take an hour of your time to focus on you and your body.

1:2 tuition is offered as a cost and time alternative. Recommended for couples, families or friends. This is an alternative for you that offers a cost effective way for a tailored development.

Loved ones often develop similar postures and movement patterns as well as lifestyle habits. Mother-daughter and father-son relations often show different stages of postural adaptation and development and can be very insightful to see the mirror as well as providing week round motivation and a Pilates Partner!



1:1 £45 per hour
1:2 £60 per hour 

Special block price:

5 hours 1:1 £200 paid in full on week 1 of 5 week block

10 hours 1:1 £395 paid in full on week 1 of 10 week block plus free tailored homeplan normally £8. Saving £58.

5 hours 2:1 £275 paid in full on week 1 of 5 week block

10 hours 2:1 £550 paid in full on week 1 of 10 week block


Studio Location: Otago Street Pilates Studio, 4th Floor, 37 Otago St, Glasgow, G12 8JJ.

Studio Location: Uddingston Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic. 145 Main Street, Uddingston, G71 7EN