Pilates Group Classes

Send a message via contact form or facebook to register your requests.

If you are interested in discussing a new focus, day/time and are part of a group interested in starting Pilates, send me a message and we can discuss what Pilates and I can do to help. 

For information on what to expect from a Pilates Class, or if you have any questions / would like to book your place now, give Jenn a message via the contact form below or via Facebook or twitter. 

Private Pilates Tuition

For a bespoke personal Pilates programme designed to develop you in a one to one (1:1) environment is the best way to get the most from your goals. More costly than a group class, however in return you gain the undivided attention of a qualified instructor who will work with you to optimise your performance and requirements specifically for you. 

Locations available for Private tuition 1:1 or 2:1 are:

  • Otago Street Pilates Studio, G12 8JJ, Glasgow West End

  • Uddingston Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic, 145 Main Street, G71 7EN

  • Online

  • At home
Contact me for info & to book!

email Jenn at Forbes Pilates today at: