sitting for long times
 lifting heavy weights
 any other repetitive action
 first time
 experience of group classes
 experience of private sessions
 Mat (exercises on a mat)
 Equipment (reformer, cadillac, etc)
 no none
 high under control
 low under control

Terms and Conditions
* Payment for all sessions is required in full prior to the start time of your session. Payment is required in full on booking to confirm your chosen time
* Please give more than 24 hours notice to any cancellations or time swaps where possible
* Less than 24 hours notice incurs full payment of session cancelled

* Due to Covid rules, times are strict to the hour. If you are late the session will still end at the designated time. Allowing cleaning before and after and limiting the number of people nearby
* Please do not show up early for your session, as you may have to wait outside until the earlier person's session has ended and extra covid cleaning has been completed and the room is ready for you.
* If you feel ill, reschedule your session for another time again giving notice or accepting the late alteration/cancellation fee.



The classes provided by Forbes Pilates are for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, or course of action. Exercise is not without risks, and this or any other exercise programme may result in injury. They include but are not limited to:risk of injury, aggravation of a pre-existing condition, or adverse effect of over-exertion such a muscle strain, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of heart beat, and very rare instances of heart attack. To reduce the risk of injury, before beginning this or any exercise programme, please consult a healthcare provider for appropriate exercise prescription and safety precautions. The exercise instruction and advice presented in the classes are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. Forbes Pilates disclaims any liability from and in connection with the classes. As with any exercise programme, if at any point during the class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.

Disclaimer for the beginning of each recording:
Please take note of the following precautions before taking the class: To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning the classes. By participating in the classes you are doing so at your own risk. Forbes Pilates will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our Pilates programmes. If at any point during the class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. Please use good judgement and common sense when taking the class, consider your level and ability and choose the appropriate level of the exercises and rest when you need to. Enjoy!
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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Talk to your doctor by phone or in person before you start becoming more physically active. Tell your doctor about this questionnaire and which question you answered YES to. You may be able to do any activity you want as long as you build up slowly and gradually. Or you may need to restrict your activities to those that are safe for you. Talk with your doctor about the kinds of activity you wish to participate in and follow his/her advice.

You can be reasonably sure that you can start to become more physically active and take part in a suitable exercise programme. Remember to begin slowly and build up gradually. PLEASE NOTE If your health changes so that subsequently you answer yes to any of the above questions, inform your Class Instructor immediately. If you feel unwell because of a temporary illness such as a cold or flu, delay becoming more active and wait until you are better before starting your first class.