Group Class Pilates in Milngavie

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Group Matwork Pilates Classes - small group

Thursday 9.30-10.30am

Interested in an evening class, or a parent and child pilates class for example? Send a message today to discuss with Jenn today.

What to expect from Pilates class

You will feel good and look great!

You will strengthen less used parts of the body and stretch the overworked tight areas of your body to create a balanced body, strong, stable, flexible and in correct alignment. The classic Pilates body: long, lean, strong and well balanced!

Another bonus reported from people in these classes are you will feel both relaxed and energised after our class with freer movement and more comfortable body. As well as sleep much better that night!

 The block of classes will take you through a programme created specifically for the group of beginners to intermediate ( If you are interested in advanced this is a separate class, contact me for info) developing your Pilates performance over the weeks with a progressively challenging and hopefully very enjoyable experience to gain all the benefits of good Pilates!

 Milngavie classes are at the great location of The Glasgow Academy Milngavie, minutes away from Milngavie train station or the town centre, on Mugdock Road, G62 8NP. Not as far up as the google map suggests!   Limited space so do book your place now! Contact form here